Pencak Silat in the Indonesian Archipelago

Pencak Silat in the Indonesian Archipelago
  • Authors: O’ong Maryono
  • Editor / Translator: Lisa Keary & Rosalia Sciortino / Ruth Mackenzie
  • Publisher / Years: Yayasan Galang, 2002
  • ISBN: 979-9341-60-4

From the back cover:

The effort O’ong Maryono has made to compile a book on the development of pencak silat, is, in itself, commendable.
This integrated presentation provides for a better and more comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of pencak silat.
As well as discussing the historical aspects of pencak silat, O’ong Maryono also examines current issues in pencak silat. In other words, a retrospective and prospective view of pencak silat.
I hope that this book will be widely read, and provide a ‘lively’ and substantial critical analysis that will improve the quality of discourse on pencak silat as a whole.

Edy Sedyawati
Director General of Culture
Department of Education and Culture

This book is quite unique. Unique in the literal sense: there is no other like it. It is quite a remarkable feat that although frequent reference is made to pencak silat in various contexts, and it even constitutes a specific type of literature and category of film that relate the heroic stories of its masters, never before has a writer attempted to gather comprehensive information about this ‘art of self defense’.

Therefore this book by O’ong Maryono could be said to be uncontested. And herein lies its second uniqueness: this. encyclopedic book was written not by a graduate in the peace and quiet of his study, but by an expert in silat in the frenzy of the contest arena.

Henri Chambert-Loir
Director École Francais D’Extreme-Orient

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