Arsip O’ong Maryono


This archive provides a selection of writing, presentations, and videos by Master O’ong Maryono. It is a work in progress as non-published articles and other material will also gradually be added.


This is the link to Master O’ong Maryono website,, which is being maintained in its original state, except for the updated biography and the embedding of commemorative videos. You…

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In this section, you can order the books written by the late Master O’ong Maryono. The book for which he is famous for is “Pencak Silat Merentang Waktu” and its…

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Here you’ll find a selection of Master O’ong’s Maryono articles on different aspects of pencak silat in English and Indonesian. English Language Master O’ong Maryono had written for various media as…

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Training Manuals

This section consists of electronic versions of manuals and other training material produced by Master O’ong Maryono during his career as a trainer in various countries, most never before published.…

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Master O’ong Maryono participated in various seminars and conferences. Some of his presentations have been preserved and will be uploaded here in the next few months.

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This section provides an archive of selected photographs taken by Master O’ong Maryono as well as photos of him in pencak silat moves and events.

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This section contains links to videos made by Master O’ong Maryono and a few videos about him.

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