Our Site

This site is dedicated to the O’ong Maryono Pencak Silat Award and the development and preservation of pencak silat to continue the vision and commemorate the late Master O’ong Maryono.

More specifically, the “Who We Are” sections explain about the focus of the Award, pencak silat, its inspirator Master O’ong Maryono and the institution managing it. “What We Do” details the modalities of the grant-making program and present the research/studies that have been awarded so far. “How to Engage” sets out ways for you to support the award, volunteering, donating and/or buying our books, T-shirt and other craft products and “Contacts” provide contact information on out to reach out to us.

The “Library” and “Archive” sections are important knowledge resources for practitioners and enthusiasts of pencak silat. The “Library” consist of news, books, photos and videos produced under the Award’s auspices or related to the Award, while the “Archive” makes public the work and written and visual documentation by Master O’ong Maryono, including link to his website, video, books, articles, manuals and photos. This last part is a work in progress and will take time to complete considering the large volume of material to be sorted.