OMPSA Grant Making Program

Grantmaking Program

O’ong Maryono Pencak Silat Award is a small grants program open to all those who are interested in the development and preservation of pencak silat through knowledge building and sharing, irrespective of disciplinary background, gender and/or nationality.

Grants can be used for the study, research, and documentation of pencak silat in its various forms and/or the translation of this knowledge into written form in print and electronic media. Currently, visual media is limited to photographic reportage, but other tools may be added in the future.

Grants should be viewed as seed grants to stimulate the research and documentation of pencak silat since they are limited. The average grant amount totals $3,500USD and is preferably given as matching contribution to other sources, such that the scope of the project must be small or only portion of it will be funded (e.g., publication costs).

How to Apply

With the awareness that interest in researching and writing about pencak silat is still limited, applicants can submit their proposal in Indonesian or English all year round and procedures will be kept to a minimum to encourage participation. Applicants are preferably, but not exclusively, from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, have qualifications and/or knowledge of the proposed subject, and can demonstrate the ability to carry out the project.

When applying, a project note in Indonesian or English is required of no more than three (3) pages providing the basic details of the project, including objectives, methodology, outputs, timeline, and budget. Upon acceptance of the proposal, further discussion with IKA staff may be required to ensure quality and due diligence. Criteria in the assessment of the proposal include:

  • The significance and originality of the proposed activity
  • Potential for impact in preserving and developing pencak silat
  • Feasibility of project within time and work budget
  • Capacity of the applicant
  • Appropriateness of the budget

Contact Information

O’ong Maryono Pencak Silat Award
C/O: Indonesia untuk Kemanusiaan | YSIK or IKA
Jalan Cikini Raya No. 43.
Jakarta 10330, Indonesia

Phone: +66 21 315 2726
Fax: + 66 21 319 37315

Facebook Page: oong.maryono.award
Facebook Group: oongmaryonopencaksilataward