Here you can find publications produced with funding from the Award and 1 book written by Master O’ong Maryono “Pencak Silat for Future Generations” which was posthumously published. All can be purchased from IKA office or delivery and the sale will contribute to the activities of the O’ong Maryono Pencak Silat Award.

Keyakinan & Kekuatan : Seni Bela Diri Silat Banten

  • Editors: Gabriel Facal
  • Yayasan Pustaka Obor Indonesia
  • ISBN: 978-979-461-999-5
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Maen Pukulan: Pencak Silat Khas Betawi

  • Editors: G.J. Nawi
  • Penerbit Obor
  • ISBN: 978-979-461-983-4
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Pencak Silat for Future Generations

  • Chiang Mai: Silkworm Books
  • ISBN: 9786162151156
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Pencak Silat Setia Hati: Sejarah, Filosofi, Adat Istiadat

  • Editors: Agus Mulyana
  • O'ong Maryono Pencak Silat Award
  • ISBN: 978-979-1361-42-2
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