Call for Project Proposals


The O’ong Maryono Pencak Silat Award (OMPSA) is a small grant program dedicated to the memory of the late pencak silat master O’ong Maryono. The Award is open to all those who are interested in the development and preservation of the Malay martial arts of pencak silat. Grants can be used for the study, research, and documentation of pencak silat in its various forms and/or the translation of this knowledge into written form in print and electronic media.

Who can apply

Applicants are preferably, but not exclusively, from Indonesia and Southeast Asia, have qualifications and/or knowledge of the proposed subject, and can demonstrate the ability to carry out the project. Applicants can submit their proposal in Indonesian or English all year round.

How to apply

A project note in Indonesian or English is required of no more than three (3) pages providing the basic details of the project, including background, objectives, activities, timeline, and budget. Upon acceptance of the proposal, the Award staff will help finalize the proposal if needed. For those who prefer filling a standard application form, please contact us at

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